未来的私人保镖将需要文武双全吗? - 常见问题





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Zaozhuang security company suggests that crisis management is a dynamic and relative concept. Correspondingly, the investigation of the characteristics of crisis management should also start from the essence of the crisis and grasp the dynamic development and the opposite relationship. From the ontological point of view, the generation of crises is a unity of necessity and contingency. The formation of crisis is inevitable. This is the objective law of natural international and human society. The fuse and ignition point are an important inducement of crisis, and the emergence of both is occasional. Ericsson lacks useful crisis early warning mechanism and agile crisis response ability, which decides that it must face crisis in its management, the trampling of the Lantern Festival in Miyun County, Beijing, and the natural gas blowout in Kaixian County, Chongqing. Suddenly is one of the most important challenges in crisis management. It requires us to arrange in the sudden rupture of the chain of survival, and to find a way to bridge and correct it quickly.
Zaozhuang Security Company reminds: time is pressing, we must make response and resolution plan in the shortest time; lack of resources, we must use integration and equipment resources under the circumstances of lack of talent, poor financial resources, poor information and so on. The characteristics of the crisis and its possible impact determine that once the crisis breaks out, it will quickly become a society. Public discourse, loyalty, gratitude, reconciliation and innovation are our company's eight-character admonitions. Security guards work steadfastly on their posts and pay no reward. The future "private guards" will break the tradition of emphasizing military force while neglecting literary works, and begin to transform to the direction of being able to use civil and military force. They should not only have good image and quick response, but also understand laws and decrees. Guan etiquette has become a kind of compound talents. Nowadays, there are few safety consultants engaged in the security industry in China. Many security companies and Kung Fu salons and public relations companies are engaged in this industry.
枣庄警卫公司提示:报道说,据业内人士估量,现在北京至少紧缺30万“私家警卫”,在未来10年内,跟着奥运会和世博会的到来 我国的国际化程度的进步,北京至少需求100万“私家警卫”。有关专家指出,“私家警卫”不只要懂外语、法令,还要头脑灵活,赋有责任感。他们不只是一名安全护卫,一起也充当了秘书的角色,因为安保作业的特殊性和危险性,对警卫人员的选择十分严厉,一般都是特种部队的转业军人、柔道队或许跆拳道队等退役运动员,他们的功夫功底、体能根底和心理素质都比一般人好许多。
Zaozhuang Security Company Tips: According to industry estimates, there is a shortage of at least 300,000 "private guards" in Beijing. In the next 10 years, with the arrival of the Olympic Games and the World Expo, Beijing will need at least 1 million "private guards". Relevant experts pointed out that "private guards" not only understand foreign languages and laws, but also have a flexible mind and a sense of responsibility. They are not only a security guard, but also a secretary. Because of the particularity and danger of security operations, the choice of security personnel is very strict. Generally, they are retired soldiers of special forces, judo teams or Taekwondo teams. Their kungfu skills, physical ability and psychological qualities are very strict. They are much better than average people.