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In the security team, the security captain is undoubtedly the role of the head of a soldier. In addition to the regular methods, it is necessary to pay attention to some work skills in order to enhance the cohesiveness of the team and improve the non power influence of the individual.
When communicating with the superior, do not declare the subject.
Because the superior directives are generally universal and not necessarily all suitable for the unit, the captain of the security guard should carefully study the key contents of the security team, whether it is to participate in the meeting or the receipt of the document. Avoid the confusion of security officers when they understand their superiors' spirit.
In the security squadron, we must practise democratic centralism instead of "one word and one word".
When the squadron is on duty for attendance, we should pay attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the backbone and the security guards of the squadron and meeting more and more business.
In daily work, we should combine work with rest and do not engage in fatigue tactics.
The guard squadron leader should take full consideration of the rest time of the security guard when arranging duty spare time, so as to let the security guard rest well so as to better serve the customer unit. Although most security guards work hard to complain and forget work, as a captain, we must start from the angle of Comrade love, pay attention to the subjective initiative of the security guards, improve the efficiency of work, make reasonable arrangements according to different jobs, and minimize the overtime hours of the security guards, especially to avoid the form owners. A little overtime.
Use rewards and punishments to be fair and not sentimental.
In the management of the team, the means of reward and punishment is a more effective incentive measure, but in use, it is necessary to master a bowl of water, the Han award, the penalty penalty, the timely ideological education, the spirit of winning the prize, and the person being punished. In general, we should grasp more rewards and less punishment, more praise and less criticism, so that security guards reduce work pressure and encourage them to do their job well.
For ideological work, we should adopt a combination of ideological guidance and problem solving rather than just talking about tasks and ignoring people.
Be careful to observe the emotional changes of the security guards. When there is a "rainy weather", it is necessary to communicate with people in person or in time, and to help the security guards with paternalistic care. For example, when the security guard's family is in trouble, they should ask for help in time and help solve some practical difficulties within their ability.
When you meet a complaint, you should be careful to handle it.
When a security guard is on duty, he often deals with all kinds of people. Inevitably, there will be some misunderstanding and other people's dissatisfaction. If someone complains of a security guard, the squadron commander should pay attention to maintaining the image of the security guard. Even if it is the fault of the security guard, we should first listen to the security officer and make a reply or deal with it. Otherwise, it will have a bad effect on the overall image of the squadron and the security company.
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